Thursday, November 13, 2008


Earlier this Fall I made plans to drive a few hours south for a wedding that ended up needing MiniMe as a last minute attendant, so I’m glad we went.
However, going meant that I had to miss out on the spectacular first annual “GunStock” created and carried out by the Life In The Great Midwest team of bloggers.
I followed along in their after-blog with pictures, video, commentary…and it sounds like it was so much fun!!
I guess they really did feel sorry for me and my family having to miss the event because yesterday a package came from blogger Dan that contained LITGM T-shirts!
Holy Moly, that was an incredibly nice gesture!!
Each one came with a little .22 taped to the tag…hahaha!!

I really want to thank Dan From Madison, Gerry From Valpo, and Carl From Chicago for the invitation. As soon as they set the date for the second annual GunStock (Which I think should be referred to as “GunStock- Reloaded” :p ), I will set it in stone on my calendar!

LITGM! There’s something of interest for everybody from this great group of guys!
Make them a part of your daily browse!
I did!


Dan from Madison said...

Holla! Thank you for being such a great commenter.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Begin hoarding ammo for Gunstock Reload '09 before B.H.O. raises the tax. See you then.