Friday, January 30, 2009


One of the reasons why I’ve discontinued frequenting a few forums I used to enjoy was the onslaught of petition posters and bandwagon jumpers.
What a waste of time.
Seriously, I will never understand how people can put so much time and energy into creating and circulating a piece of cyber paper or an e-document when they could invest that time into actually trying to help fix whatever problem they think exists. The same goes for all the signers. Do they really think they are doing something worthy or tangible for any "cause" by E-signing?
All it really does is give them an emotional outlet for their anger or loathing of whatever they are protesting. I’m sure for that fleeting second of typing their name and aggressively hitting “enter”, they feel empowered. Justified. Necessary.

Now it’s starting on my FaceBook page. Ugh.

Look, Greg K… I realize in the fifth grade I was madly in love with you and even wore the flower ring until the plastic petals all fell off and the band turned my finger green…but I’m not signing your stupid anti-bailout petition. Instead of circulating a document asking for signatures that can never be verified (and many are fake anyhow) and will never reach the intended party anyway, why don’t you put your effort into contacting your representatives and express your displeasure with your vote? I know we actually held hands skating to Beth from the Destroyer album…but dude, I can’t… no, I *won’t* sign your e-petition. Nothing personal, but it’s not worth the pixels it took to create it.

You know what really gets mad props from your congressmen? Real letters from real voters who took the time to sit down with actual pen to actual paper are afforded much more respect than cyber whining. Sure it takes longer. But likewise is the potential for making a real difference.
So who is your representative?
Where do you find the contact information to write to them?
Anyhow, the E-petition is in the E-trash. Sorry.
Do you want the flower ring back?
Just sayin'.


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LL said...

are you meaning all the time I spend signing those 70-11ty billion e petitions does nothing but put me further behind? ...huh? :)

Annie said...

I'm sure it might increase your keyboarding. ;)