Monday, October 01, 2007


First, the info:

Reserve officer shot to death at gun range
Hammond -- A Gary reserve officer was fatally shot at a gun range during marksmanship practice, police said.
Kevin Weaver, 49, died Saturday from a single gunshot wound after a fellow volunteer officer's gun accidentally discharged a .45-caliber round into his chest, Gary police said.
Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said Weaver, who was with the Gary force for more than 20 years, was struck in the arm and chest. Weaver was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later.
"There's apparently nothing here that indicates anything other than an accident," Miller said.
Reserve officer Gerald Horton, 52, was attempting to clear his weapon at the gun range when Weaver accidentally bumped into him, causing Horton's gun to fire the .45-caliber round into Weaver, Gary police said.
Another reserve officer, Von Brown, was at the range when the shooting took place, said Gary Police Cmdr. Samuel Roberts. Horton and Brown were not injured.

Now; MY unsolicited two cents:

First, I feel for the families. I really do. I also think this was completely avoidable.

ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE- the firing of a round due to a mechanical malfunction of the weapon.

NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE- Breaking one or more of Cooper's Rules, resulting in firing the weapon when you didn't mean to.

This was a negligent discharge in my opinion, even though the media cries "Accidental!". The officer did not have the muzzle pointed down range, and he obviously had his finger inside the trigger guard. It doesn't matter how much someone stumbles, trips, or knocks into you; if your finger isn't inside that trigger guard, you're not able to pull it.
Of course the media will spin it however they like, and the anti gun crowd will have a field day at everyone's expense. No matter the outcome, someone lost part of their family and someone else will be haunted by this forever.


uno perro said...

I'd love to comment something controversial ,but there isn't any contoversy to comment on (other than media hype...another time)
Jeff Cooper's Words are gospel truth.
You've learned well, Carry on.

Dan from Madison said...

I got barrel swept TWICE a few weeks ago at the range and was furious. It was the same guy who did it both times. RULE TWO.

Nothing happened to me, but obviously I had to have a few words with the man and encouraged him to take a basic safety course.

As for the story, what does it take to clear a semi-automatic weapon? Lock the slide back, drop the mag and off you go - two or three seconds tops. Clearly we aren't hearing the whole story here and probably never will. Negligent is the proper word Annie, nice call.

Anonymous said...

You just need to use the same dictionary the media uses.

Negligence: when a "civilian" gun owner unintentionally shoots anyone or anything.

Can also be used to describe lawmakers who continue to allow the existence of civilian gun owners.

Accident: when a "highly trained" police officer or "innocent" child under 25 years of age unintentionally shoots anyone or anything.

It should be noted that the latter is caused by negligence as defined above.

Hope this helps.